About Classic Wine Direct…

grapes About Classic Wine Direct...Classic Wine Direct is a unique internet only operation driven by passion, enthusiasm and experience. You don’t have to be a connoisseur to appreciate a truly fine wine. We all know that quality exists and most of us agree which wines have that certain something about them. Defining quality is another matter. One that ultimately depends on personal preference. It’s a matter of taste. Which is why Classic Wine Direct insists that we taste every single wine we stock before we offer them to you. We encourage comments and feedback from our customers so we can make suggestions and recommendations about the perfect wine to accompany a meal, or just to enjoy on its own, confident in our own knowledge and bolstered by your opinions.

We search out the best wines available from carefully selected suppliers and estates. Using the contacts and skills of Colin Bradshaw, a self-confessed enthusiast with several decades’ experience, combined with the views of our customers and cooperation with specialist importers, we have gathered a range of truly outstanding fine wines from around the world. Each is carefully selected and many are exclusively available only though Classic Wine Direct.
Colin Bradshaw

colin bradshaw About Classic Wine Direct...For weddings and large social functions or for an intimate dinner party, we can offer a wine that will complement your choice of food or we can suggest the perfect menu to accompany your chosen vintages. Experiencing wine should be an enjoyable and rewarding event. Whether that’s exploring and discovering some gem from an unknown or little publicised grower or revisiting established friends and favourites, the appreciation of wine grows in proportion to your willingness to experiment and try something new.

The greatest enjoyment of wine can really only be achieved with a certain amount of knowledge about the subject. You do need to spend some time in researching and choosing appropriate wines from the vast range of quality and styles of now available. Through our exhaustive and enthusiastic research, Classic Wine Direct aims to give you the guidance, the background and the knowledge to embark on that voyage of discovery. Our recommendations and selections are designed to cover every budget. You don’t have to spend a fortune to obtain some truly remarkable wines. All you need is Classic Wine Direct.