Hello wine drinkers everywhere and welcome to Classic Wine Direct.

In this, our inaugural blog post we have one simple message. We love wine.

We love to sniff it, swirl it, taste it and if circumstances would allow, we’d also like to bathe in it. We make no grandiose claims about what we do. There’s no clever marketing hook, no hidden subscription scheme and no hyperbole when it comes to our tasting notes (well, maybe some occasional flowery prose).

We like to think that our wines are different to those you’d find elsewhere. Our wine range is designed to take you off the beaten track or, at the very least, to interesting places that run parallel to roads you may frequently travel (as Confucius may have put it).

As a general rule, these aren’t wines that you’ll find in the supermarket. Not that there’s anything wrong with supermarkets, but they have different commercial pressures to a small business like ours. We can afford to buy small interesting parcels and sometimes we like to buy stuff just because it’s tasty – we’ll worry about how to sell it to you later!

But most importantly, we’ll also be guided by you on what you’d like to drink and buy from us. So, we’re relying on you. If you love/hate our wines then let us know, if you want some advice call us, tweet us, mail us, carrier pigeon us – whatever works best for you.

Some people think we’re mad for launching a wine business in the middle of a recession and with the pound taking one hell of a pummeling from all curves of the globe. But we’re in this for the long haul – we price our wines fairly, offer discounts where we can and always (always) offer you wine to savour.