With the summer quickly approaching and a World Cup on the way, the next few months are the ideal time to dust off and fire up the barbeque. With that in mind, we thought a list of the best wines to complement your barbeque would be the way to go:

Sula Vineyards Red Zinfandel 2008

sula vineyards zinfandel red 20061 300x300 Great Wines For The Summer Barbeque

Most people imagine that red wine doesn’t go with a barbeque, but that’s generally a misconception; any Zinfandel will fit perfectly with a summer bbq. The slight peppery flavour of the wine mixing beautifully with barbeque sauce without overpowering any spices in the food.
This particular Zinfandel comes for India and is an award winning fruity red wine; producing a wonderful blackberry aroma with connamon and plum flavours. Balanced, supple and spicy, the Sula Vineyards Red Zinfandel is the perfect addition to a summer barbeque.

Weingut Weegmuller Kabinett Trocken Riesling 2008

weingut weemuller haardtler mandelring 20071 300x300 Great Wines For The Summer Barbeque

A beautiful white wine that’s an ideal addition to the barbeque menu; light and extremely easy to drink, this Riesling from the Weegmuller farm tastes fantastic chilled and provides the perfect antidote to a hot, sticky summer afternoon. Packed with fruit the Weegmuller Riesling has a real tropical flavour, with an amazing acid structure and a surprisingly dry finish – goes exceptionally well with anything carrying a spicy bbq sauce.

Mahi Pinot Noir 2008

mahi pinot noir 20061 300x300 Great Wines For The Summer Barbeque

A superb wine from New Zealand, the Mahi Pinot Noir goes perfectly with grilled steak, as well duck and lamb. This specific Pinot Noir is very Burdundian in style and drinks exceptionally well; producing an aroma of strawberries, with a cherry flavour and a velvety cream finish.
Medium to full bodied, the Mahi Pinot Noir is a smooth and silky red wine that represents a perfect addition to any summer barbeque.

Setanta Cuchulain Shiraz 2005

setanta wines cuchulain 2005 300x300 Great Wines For The Summer Barbeque

The first Australian wine in the list, the Sydney International Wine Awards multiple trophy winner is a full bodied, bold red wine that perfectly complements and beef. Rich and peppery with some delicious smoky oak characters, this red from Setanta Wines works wonderfully well with the barbeque.

Domaine Thomas & Fils Terres Blanches Sancerre Blac 2007

domaine thomas fils terres blanches sancerre sauvignon blanc 2007 300x300 Great Wines For The Summer Barbeque

Another dry white wine, the Blanches Sancerre Blanc is a full bodied wine with green fruit overtones and a rounded soft, dry finish. The perfect accompaniment to chicken or fish, this particular wine is an excellent addition to the drink selection at any barbeque. Although better with chicken, the wine can also go well with pork or similar meats; the crisp, bright flavour cutting through the rich taste of the barbeque. Refreshing, bright and fruity, the Blances Sancerre Blanc is a great choice for the summer barbeque.