wine cooler A Quick Guide To Buying Wine Coolers For Kitchens


Whether you are a wine expert or just someone who enjoys the occasional evening tipple, wine coolers are a great way to ensure you have ready-to-serve wine for all occasions. Storing a selection of wines can take up valuable room in a refrigerator so having a separate cooler can be incredibly useful. The temperature inside a wine cooler can be altered, to ensure you create the optimal temperature whether you are storing red, white or rose. There are a huge range of wine coolers for kitchens available on the market, so if you’re currently in the market to buy one, here are some important things to consider:

Integrated or standalone design

One important decision when choosing a wine cooler is whether to buy a standalone or integrated model. Standalone wine coolers support themselves and can fit anywhere in your kitchen. However, if you are looking for a sleek and stylish kitchen appearance, an integrated model could be best.

Many manufacturers build integrated wine coolers which are designed to be easily installed into the modern kitchen. In fact, some even come as standard into newly built kitchens. Freestanding/ under the counter models are made to fit into existing kitchens, but you should ensure you allow enough room for the appliances to be installed. One tip is to always over-accommodate and allow for 10% on top of the manufacturers wine cooler dimensions.

Shape and Size

If you only drink a small amount at a time or you have a limited amount of kitchen space, then a compact wine cooler which holds 6 or 7 bottles could be ideal. Compact standalone designs fit easily onto counter tops or tables. Tall thin models which hold only one bottle on each level look sleek and elegant and can be kept in discreet areas of your kitchen.

On the other hand, if you like to have a huge selection of wine to draw upon at any one time, then many larger designs are available. Some are around the same size as a kitchen cabinet and can be as large as a fridge. A tall wine cooler displaying a range of vintage wines can look stunning as a centre piece of a kitchen and certainly strikes up conversation during social events!


You can buy wine coolers for kitchens to suit almost any style of interior design. Sleek black or stainless steel models will work well in a most contemporary kitchens. A wooden panelled or white design will look great in a more traditional setting.

Shelves can come in a matching finish or be made from a different but complementary material, such as a stainless steel frame cooler with contemporary wooden shelves. Choose from fixed shelves, easy slide shelves, and even slanted display shelves to further enhance your design.


Perfect wine temperature varies between wine types but is also influenced by personal taste. Duel zone refrigerators are perfect if you like both red and white wine, as you can set individual temperatures for each area of the fridge.

There are many reputable brand name wine coolers on the market as well as equally good lesser known models, so be sure to check out user reviews online before you make a purchase. Wine coolers are an ideal present for any wine enthusiast, and they make an attractive and functional addition to any kitchen.