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Ah, Perez Cruz. This is one of the “big” wines on our list. We used to refer to this wine as our ‘banker”, but when the financial crisis happened we found ourselves looking for a new noun! In honour of the current Ashes series I suggested a “Pieterson” but after KP’s performance in Cardiff on Sunday…

What of the wine? Well, you can see what Joe and Colin think by watching the tasting video below. So, here I’ll give you a little background on the wine.

The Perez Cruz vineyards are situated 45 kilometres South East from Santiago in the Maipo Alto (at the foot of the Andes), the birth place of much of Chile’s premium red wines. The wine has been described as Bordeaux in style but the climate is actually similar to that of the Mediterranean and the landscape has desert to the North and forests & Antarctic ice fields to the south. A stunning landscape to produce a wonderful wine.

Although the winery itself is relatively young (producing their first wines in 2002) they have been quick to receive recognition with international awards from the likes of Decanter Magazine providing provenance for this ambitious brand.

Personally, I’m a big fan of wines from Chile as it seems that the country can produce just about any grape variety really well. The natives are also not afraid to innovate and for us Perez Cruz embodies the mix of modernity and tradition that marks out some of the best new winemakers. They adopt the best technological tools at the same time as understanding the sensitivity towards nature and the land that we wine romantics so crave.

And the significance to CWD? Well, when we were first considering recording some video for the website, the team got together in Colin’s shop on a Sunday afternoon and blind tasted a dozen wines. We had a range of entry level gluggers leading up to a prety pricey left bank Claret. Guess which wine won? You got it.

So, lets see Joe and Colin walk through a Perez Cruz tasting in their own inimitable style!

You can purchase the wine here

As a special offer, we’re offering 12 bottles of Perez Cruz  for £97.10.  All orders over £100 will be free.

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